About 'The Soul Sugar Joint'

Established by Brooks Welch (also known as DJ Soul Sugar) in December 2021, Soul Sugar Joint has evolved into a thriving global community, boasting over 405,000 enthusiasts of timeless music across various platforms with nods from Will Smith, Questlove, Soulection, Okayplayer, and more.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Brooks Welch (a music curator, influencer, and international DJ), passionately merges classic and modern Soul/R&B/Funk/Jazz genres into her sets and content.

Her acclaimed "Songs That Have Me In A Chokehold" series has gone viral multiple times, alongside her unveiling the backstories of beloved tracks, identifying samples, and connecting contemporary artists with their predecessors. Brooks captivates a dedicated audience of music heads who cherish deep connections to music, relishing nuances such as key changes, harmonies, and bridges.

DJ Soul Sugar's distinctive sound is often described as "immaculate," "refreshing," and "happy Black vibes." Her open-format approach spans Classic and modern Soul/R&B, Alternative R&B, Funk, Jazz, House, Disco, Amapiano, and more. Her popular DJ mix titled "THE 100K KICKBACK" has garnered over 349,000 views on YouTube in 2 months (as of June 2024), with a notable repost by Will Smith amplifying its reach. Brooks' infectious passion celebrates the timeless genres of music that are sweetest to the soul.

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  • Interscope Records

  • Stones Throw

  • IK Multimedia

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